This episode of “Cool Stuff Under the Microscope” focusses on Sultana, a common household staple especially for those with children. The sultana comes from an oval, seedless grape variety which is assumed to originate from the asian part of the Ottoman Empire. More information about the Sultana can be found on wikipedia.

The following image was captured by analysing a small cut piece of the top of the sultana on a glass slide through the Radical Microscope, with the images being focus stacked into one image (below). Images were captured with a Nikon D5300 Digital camera, with the focus stacking being carried out in Helicon Focus, and final editing being carried out in Lightroom.

The focus was slightly off, but the structure is nonetheless fascinating.

As always, if you have any idea's on things to image under the microscope don't hesitate to let me know either through this site or on social media.


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