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Jumping Spider; Denoise

16 October 2020

This is another article in my Jumping Spider; Jumping through the edits series. To...

Under the Microscope: Salicin

16 July 2017

Salicin is a chemical which is produced by the Salix Willow bark and functions...

Under the Microscope: Motor End Plate

10 December 2016

A motor end plate is the junction where a bunch of nerves interface with...

Menthol by Polarized Light Microscopy

19 September 2016

Have a peek at Menthol, commonly used as a local analgesic under the microscope.

Salicylic Acid by Polarized Light Microscopy

15 August 2016

Salicylic acid, a key ingredient in anti-acne products looks quite interesting under the microscope,...

Under the Microscope: Sporophyll of Pteridium

26 July 2016

Have a look at the sporophyll of Bracken under the microscope.

Under the Microscope: Cardiac Muscle

21 July 2016

Have a look at Cardiac muscle under the microscope :).

Sodium Thiosulfate by Polarized Light Microscopy.

30 June 2016

Sodium thiosulfate is a inorganic, white crystalline substance that displays incredible birefringence, why not...

Under the Microscope: Earthworm TS

9 June 2016

Have a look at a section of an earth worm under the microscope.

Under the Microscope: Anther of Lilium Spp

18 May 2016

Have a look at the Anther of Lilium Spp herbaceous flower under the microscope.

Under the Microscope: Lichen Section

4 May 2016

Have a sneak peak at Lichen under the microscope, as focus stacked with Helicon...

Under The Microscope: Absorbant Wipes

31 March 2016

Ever wonder what absorbant wipes look like under the microscope, well wonder no more...

Under the Microscope: Cleaning Sponges

18 March 2016

Ever wonder what a piece of cleaning sponge looks like under the microscope, wonder...

Under the Microscope: Sultana

9 March 2016

Recently I posted a mystery item, that mystery item was the Sultana. So this...

Under the Microscope – Potassium Permanganate

4 February 2016

Have a look at what a crystal of Potassium Permanganate looks like under the...

Under the Microscope: Cork

14 January 2016

Have a look at Cork under the microscope, fairly strange looking structure but interesting...

Under the Microscope: Cheek Scrapings

9 January 2016

Have a peek at some cheek cell scrapings under the microscope.

Under the Microscope: Silica

22 December 2015

This episode of “Cool Stuff Under the Microscope” is focused on Silica Gel, which...

Cool things under the microscope: Epsom Salt

23 September 2015

I love microscopy, I think there are so many cool things around in everyday...

Anabaena or Filamentous Cyanobacteria

12 September 2015

I am passionate about many things, and Microbiology is most definitely one of them....