I don’t travel very often, and most of the time I travel it is for work, it’s a combination of not having a lot of spare time but also with a young family it can be a challenge.

With that in mind, as a family we decided to buck the trend and visit Sydney in early June 2023 to see Wild Lights, a light exhibition at Taronga Zoo as part of the overall Vivid Festival, and of course to see the animals at the Zoo during the day.

Vivid Sydney is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and technology, which transforms Sydney for 23 days and nights. In 2023, for its 13th year, Vivid Sydney will fuse art, innovation and technology in collaboration with some of the most boundary-pushing artists, thinkers, musicians and culinary experts of our time.

Vivid Sydney Website.

The festival consisted of a wide range of different events, activities and installations from Light installations, to Music, Ideas and Food. My particular focus was the Wild Tales installation at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Wild Lights at Taronga Vivid is a collaboration between Nathans two-dimensional contemporary imaginings of Australia’s most iconic and miraculous wildlife and the light expertise and engineering innovation of Ample Projects artistic director Nicholas Tory.

Taronga Zoo Sydney Website.

Loving photography, I could not resist to document what I saw, most of these are fairly quick captures with some editing to focus the attention on the installations however, they are still somewhat candid so don’t be surprised if you see some people, or feet/legs in some of the photos (thumbnails below are downsized so to get the best out of them you will to click on the image for a full size version).

The photos themselves were captured with my Sony A7R 4 and a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, they were edited with Lightroom CC, and Topaz Photo AI (for DeNoise and some sharpening), you can click on them for larger versions. I will share many of the images below on my social media feeds over time.

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