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Deep Prime Denoise – Photo Lab 4 Elite.

Deep Prime Denoise – Photo Lab 4 Elite.

DxO have released Photolab 4 Elite which contains their unique DEEPPRIME AI powered denoise technology which conducts noise removal during the demosaicing process. Have a look at how it works, and some examples (within the DxO interface, and also final files) of how well it removes noise. A slightly longer video (apologies if its a bit disjointed), so some timestamps below: 00:00:37 – What is Deep Prime and how does it work? 00:05:33 – DxO Photolab 4 Interface, and differences […]

Happy New Year, and New Years Plans

Happy New Year, 2020 has been a hell of a year but I would like to thank those who visited my channel, website and social media. I don’t find this (doing videos i.e. recording myself) at all natural but do intend to keep on growing and developing throughout 2021 including my presentation skills :). Lots of plans for the new year, including run-through videos, workflow tutorials and much more so why not subscribe and follow along for the journey. Music: […]

Jumping Spider

I capture macro images of the jumping spiders in my back yard, and they are one of my favorite types of spiders. Whilst I was shooting some stacks I thought i would put the camera on video and focus in and out to show the jumping spider. The spider was not harmed in taking this shot, this was using a Nikon D610, Sigma 150mm Macro and a Raynox DCR 250 so the depth of field is SUPER shallow! Apologies for […]