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AirMagic – AI

AirMagic is the latest offering from the team at Skylum. The program is designed to utilize AI to improve Drone photos with the minimal of fuss. Have a look at the software and how it improves a number of photos which were kindly provided to me by Closei (www.instagram.com/exclosei).

AirMagic uses a similar interface and concept to that of Photo Lemur however, the AI models used to teach the software differ significantly and have been trained solely with drone photos.

You can purchase the software at the link http://trav.to/iragic (affiliate link). If you use this link to purchase this or any Skylum software I may recieve a small commission. This does not increase the cost of the product, or change the way I review or run through the software but does help support my self-funded channel.

AirMagic Link: http://trav.to/iragic
Closei's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/exclosei
Discount Links for Photography Software: https://trav.to/nsdn
My Website: www.travishale.com

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