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Automated Fire Response System (Homeseer)

My Integration between my CFA Pager (or at least the frequency) and my Homeseer Automation System. This integration allows me to recieve messages using a WIPATH PDR-3000 Pager Data Receiver, and then process it directly through Homeseer (My Home Automation System). Rather than the convoluted process originally. This test shows me sending myself a pager message and the system responding, but on a fire call the system automatically checks my location to see if i am within a reasonable distance from home (i.e. if i could make the call). If so then it alerts me through text to speech, extracts the melways (street directory) reference, and gets a map of the location, this is all sent to my phone, whilst the lights get turned on, the call gets read to me, and i attend if I can. After 5 minutes the system automatically turns off the lights, and just waits for new pager messages

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