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Deep Prime Denoise – Photo Lab 4 Elite.

DxO have released Photolab 4 Elite which contains their unique DEEPPRIME AI powered denoise technology which conducts noise removal during the demosaicing process. Have a look at how it works, and some examples (within the DxO interface, and also final files) of how well it removes noise.

A slightly longer video (apologies if its a bit disjointed), so some timestamps below:

00:00:37 – What is Deep Prime and how does it work?
00:05:33 – DxO Photolab 4 Interface, and differences
00:07:46 – Examples of HQ, Prime and Deep Prime
00:11:14 – Higher Quality Examples of Prime & Deep Prime

You can download a trial of DxO's Photolab 4 Elite or purchase here: https://trav.to/5l2qj
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