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Iris AI in Luminar AI.

A voiceless, timelapse like demonstration of Iris AI which is one of the new tools in the upcoming Luminar AI release. I was lucky enough to be provided with a BETA version to be able to show you some of the features (note interface not locked down so may change between now and final release).

The idea behind Iris AI is that it allows you to easily change eye colours, and make changes to the eye with no masking or complicated tools. Changing eye colours is as easy as selecting the color from a dropdown box as I demonstrate in this quick demo.

You can pre-orders Luminar AI here: https://trav.to/0od83
More Luminar AI write-ups here: https://trav.to/8ge0d

Stay tuned for more examples!

Image by Ludvig Wiese (https://unsplash.com/photos/d-MfHM-jHwc)
Music: Ambient Gold LoFo by StreamBeats.

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