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Pluto Wireless Laser Trigger

Pluto Wireless Laser Trigger

In an earlier video, I made the comment suggesting that users of the Pluto Trigger who want to do beam break consider purchasing a Male to Female, and Male to Male 2.5mm extension cable. Watch this video to find out why! You can find the Pluto Trigger at http://trav.to/xav-q ——- Social Media —— Website: www.travishale.com Newsletter: www.travishale.com/newsletter Facebook: www.facebook.com/TravHale Twitter: www.twitter.com/travishale Instagram: www.instagram.com/Trav.Hale Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/travish1984 500px: www.500px.com/travishale YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/TravisHaleSciencePhotography NB: Some of the links on this site may be affiliate […]

Pluto Wireless Trigger

The Pluto Trigger is a camera trigger which is designed to function as a smart trigger to capture images based on a range of different criteria from light levels, to motion detection, to beam break. The trigger is Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible and connects to the supporting phone app to allow for control of the device. Have a look at an overview of the device, how it works and what it does. Sadly the phone and flash are not included in […]

Automated Fire Response System (Homeseer)

My Integration between my CFA Pager (or at least the frequency) and my Homeseer Automation System. This integration allows me to recieve messages using a WIPATH PDR-3000 Pager Data Receiver, and then process it directly through Homeseer (My Home Automation System). Rather than the convoluted process originally. This test shows me sending myself a pager message and the system responding, but on a fire call the system automatically checks my location to see if i am within a reasonable distance […]