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Portrait tools in Luminar AI

Join me as I run through some of the Portrait Tools in a BETA version of Luminar AI.
These tools include Face AI, Body AI, Skin AI and more which are designed to simplify the process of editing portraits.

You can pre-order Luminar AI here: https://trav.to/0od83
More Luminar AI write-ups here: https://trav.to/8ge0d

Stay tuned for more examples!

Portrait Sources:

Image 1 by Ludvig Wiese https://unsplash.com/photos/d-MfHM-jHwc
Images 2 & 3 from Signature Edits RAW collection (https://www.signatureedits.com).
Image 4 by Fábio Scaletta https://unsplash.com/photos/yhKc2M6Z500

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