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Topaz Studio 2

Topaz Labs have just officially announced Topaz Studio 2. This is a rebuild of the Topaz Studio which was built from the ground up to be easier and faster to use. Part of the chance appears to be designed to make it easier to conduct creative post processing in your workflow beyond just simple image corrections.

In order to support that, Topaz Studio 2 allows for non-destructive editing and layers. There is improved masking, and as well as the standard filters there is also a looks library which allows a range of filters to be configured to create a ‘look'. The UI has changed the the performance has been improved.

I had a bit of a play with the BETA version (and will post some YouTube videos shortly) however I found it a pleasure to work with, it was quicker than the previous version of Studio, and i found the filters much easier and more logical, I always found the previous studio layout, and the need to purchase each adjustment (PRO) slightly clunky myself.

An example of the UI is below, with a flower picture I have been editing but turned into B&W;


There are some pricing changes to this package, instead of paying for each add on, there is a flat fee of USD $99.99 which includes all of the adjustments. I am told that if you own studio adjustments which have a total list price of > US $99.99 then you will recieve Studio 2 for free. If not and you own adjustments with a total list price of < USD $99.99  then you will recieve store credit for the adjustments you already own.

More information is available here.

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Topaz Labs have just released the Topaz Studio 2 software, this is a complete rebuild (from the ground-up) of the existing Topaz Studio tool. In my view, the change makes the software much easier to use, and instead of purchasing each (pro) filter, they are included in the one flat rate. If you have already purchased Topaz Studio Add-Ons, depending on the list price value you may be able to get this version for free or receive store credit.

In this video, I do a run-through of the UI of Topaz Studio 2 (please note this is the BETA version, so there may be some changes to the final production version), as well as looking at some of the looks, filters, layering, and masking!

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